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How to Save Money at Home

These days, saving money seems more important than ever given the fact that our paychecks can’t seem to keep up with the cost of living.  Many folks have found that they can save money and embrace a more natural lifestyle all at the same time.  Keep reading for a few ways to save money, including some that will work for you no matter where you live.


Start your own garden

If you have the space for even a small garden, growing your own veggies and herbs can be a great way to save money and get better-tasting, unprocessed produce.  Many people think that truly productive gardens have to be big.  In reality, you can find plans for very productive gardens that don’t take up more than a few square feet.  This can be achieved by careful planning and/or gardens with multiple levels.  If you’re an apartment dweller with no green space, consider a smaller (and more limited) balcony garden.  If no other options exist, consider an indoor herb garden.


Consider keeping chickens

If you love fresh eggs or are tired of spending extra money on organic eggs, raising a couple of your own chickens might be your answer.  Generally speaking, feeding and caring for chickens is less time consuming and less expensive than caring for a dog.  Raising your own chickens will assure that your eggs are always fresh, but won’t necessarily save you money if you don’t insist on buying organic at the supermarket.  If you decide to consider getting chickens, make sure you know what, if any, local laws apply.  If you own enough land to raise many chickens, selling the eggs at a local farmer’s market can be a great way to make a few extra bucks.


If you have a large parcel of land, you might consider beekeeping, too.  While keeping bees won’t necessarily save you money (unless your family goes through ridiculous amounts of honey), it can be a way to generate a little extra money by selling honey.  Also, since so many honeybee hives have collapsed or otherwise been destroyed in recent years, maintaining a hive can definitely provide a great service to local growers.  In fact, some beekeepers are able to rent their hives to local farmers who need help pollinating crops.



One of the easiest ways to save money is by recycling and repurposing (or upcycling, as it’s sometimes called theses days).  Sure, you can spend money on a top-end composting bin and system, but you can also use an old garbage can or some chicken wire and get the job done for a fraction of the cost.  Search yard sales and thrift stores for old kiddie pools and planters that you can use in your new garden.  These places can also be a great way to find used furniture that can be good as new with a little elbow grease.  In fact, yard sales and the like are great places to find many like-new items that you can use as-is or repurpose to meet various needs.  Repurposing items not only saves money, but also keeps these items from taking up space in already crowded landfills.


Try homemade cleaners

Common household items like vinegar and baking soda can be the basis for effective home cleaners that eliminate your need to ever buy harsh and potentially harmful and chemical-filled cleaners again.  Recipes also abound for DIY laundry detergents that can cost less than $10 a month and contain no artificial colors or perfumes.


While these ideas represent only a few money-saving possibilities, they can definitely add up over time.  Additionally, once you start implementing steps such as these, you’ll likely be more able to spot other budget-friendly changes you can make in your household.